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☽ whyworld SPACE PROM ☾

Φ θ ó ò Ó ◑ Ô ô Ö ö Õ 


Ø ø ю О ◐ ט ο Ό Ο ό Θ

All aboard the Why World SpaceStation

❊ ❉ ✲ ✩ ✫ ✬ ✭ ★ ✪ ¤ ☼ 

As earth recedes, we reseed the star garden to grow new bioluminescent corsages for yor 8 tentacled d8! Aliens, SuperDivaNovas, and UncommonComets all welcome. Our former planet of war, plastics, and gender constructs is a mere blip out the window, so let’s get fancy n dancy~

Zero gravity lounges on every floor!
Get your picture taken for the official Why World Yearbook!
Don’t forget to pack ur freeze-dried ice cream!

irl performances by:

~Ecca Echo~ earth’s favorite ecosexual pop star duo

~Symone Smash It~ 'the space siren' hailing from the 'Symulation'

comedy bending in timeNspace / from:
Xochi De La Luna ~ 

~dance performances!~
Annika and Abigail move and groove their galaxy bodies
Kristina and Marggie interface with an invisible band

(invisible band:
Alma Engebretson- bass
Ivan Cunningham-sax
Joe Peterson -Viola
Edmund Catlin -drums
Will Kjeer - piano)


dig thru ur closet's black hole and DRESS UP in ur most outrageous!

PHOTO BOOTH by Dallas Thompson & Alec Lossiah

Oh hey, does anyone knoooow how to drive a spaceship? 
We need to stop at the gluten-free cake constellation to pick up somethin for Paige Carlson's birthday!

$5-7 suggested donation

**respect the self, respect each other, respect the space, respect outer space
**it will be impossible to breath outside the spacestation so no need to pack ur ciggys ;)
**if u litter butts or cans they will spin softly in space 4ever so pls find a receptacle
**contact hosts with any safety issues, msg for address

Later Event: July 31
Elemental Explorations