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Elemental Explorations


Elemental explorations! 🌎💧🔥💨💫🌀
Are you curious about the universal elements? 
Earth Water Fire Air Space/Ether Wood Metal Ice Slime Candy (if you’re feeling adventurous)

Elements exist as reality, yet many philosophies conceptualize them into various contexts and give them symbolic meaning. This can be both confusing and fascinatingly curious.

Let’s put it to the zest, for we can always keep learning and open our minds to the potential of discovery! What can we discover? There are ab infinite amount of angles that we can take peer into and out from in considering the elements and how they exist within and around us.
Let’s peep into the landscapes of our mind and see what grows!

Here is a time and pace: Monday afternoons/evenings ~ during the course of this beloved summer month of July. A wonderful way to start or end your week ♥ 
For the purpose of finding some structure, each week will be centered around a new element. We’re suggesting focusing on the 5 elements of: 
~~~~~Earth Water Fire Air Space~~~~~
Different schools of thought recognize different elements. These are the elements recognized in Ancient Greece and Ayurveda (a system of holistic living and healing through mindful exploration of one’s self relative to the elements, Ayur:life Veda:knowledge). Chinese medicine and Feng Shui on the other hand recognize Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal, and Water.
It is not our aim to suggest a right set of elements. Howbeit, we feel it’s important to bend Air into the mix, calling all Avatars. 
Air: how bout a breath of fresh life?

What to expect:
And everything
Of course ;)

We’re exploring!
Welcome, spontaneous adventures! 
You can also come with a plan, at any point peeps are welcome to disperse go internal, study mode, or interact and share outlooks/inlooks etc. 
How ever it be, the conversation continues. 
There are many ways to scope the elements through expression: movement, yoga, dance, sound, song music, materials, drawing, words, writing, art! Choose your pick, pick your groove, and go with it. 
We’re considering it a freeflow, it may evolve into a collective improv jam so you’re welcome to bring your instrument(s) of choice. We’ll also provide some, and as will you by simply arriving. We are our own and each other’s instruments, ya dig? Let’s harmonize and unearth the essential constituents of nature. Starting with Earth, on Earth 💚🌎💚

What on earth can we get ourselves into?
Exploring elements:
What do they mean to our own body mind spirit soul system, what does it mean in and for the environment, what are their roles in the universe, what kind of personality do they reveal convey portray, how do we relate to the elements and in what ways are they reflected in our personality? Why would we search for deeper meaning from them?
Where do we find the elements taking flight firing up and or flowing through our behavior? How can we examine our tendencies in the context of elements? Can this help us be insightful toward the consequences of our behavior?
How often do we jump from one task to another flying out of focus and flopping into another locus of living. How far can the wind carry us before we fly into a cloud? What are the benefits of settling down and finding clarity with each resting sediment of thought? How many particles can we stir up in our minds? How long can we stand our ground, when do we become stuck and mucky, and when do we decide it’s time to move on or go with the flow? Why do we ask so many questions and how can we find the answers? 

(some food for thought) 

Tomorrow we embark upon Earthly explorations, clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose

Please and love,
respect the self, respect the space, respect each other