~Air Flair fashion magazine, selected pages, 2017

"Air Flair" is a small-batch hand-printed clothing line made to be worn on crowded smoking patios where toxic plastic filters litter the ground. The striking pink "Hospital Gown," listing all diseases caused by cigarettes, and the trendy "Secondhand Smoking Jacket" serve as fulcrums for conversation around pollution of self, community, and earth. Screenprinted on the "Fresh Air Frock" are the words, "we are all breathing the air," an urgent reminder of climate change as well as a positive affirmation of interconnectedness. "Fresh air, for sure."

~ The Soap Factory's 3x5 Residency Booklet, Contributing Writer, 2016


~ An Interview conducted by Feminist Video Quarterly, 2017

~ NO15 Magazine, Arts Editor and Contributing Writer, 2013