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.end of the world.

its been quite the year in why world and now here in these final moments
Idle Empress

on the brink of environmental collapse while fascism rages on with renewed strength in america it really feels like the end
Todd Luffa

through it all we laughed, cried, danced, sang, hugged and so on but now the credits are rollin.
Able Baker

and when something dies it allows for new growth to begin
Wealthy Relative

we can still be thankful for music and friendship right?
Peter Campanelli

++dancable selections by lush grotto and louie christ++

lets get together, feel it and dance 1 more time yall! 

respect each other, respect the space, respect ur self

plz stay out of the nighbor's yards/smoke out back
no harassment of any kind is tolerated. report any innappropriate behavior to a host.

fight fascism in your daily life and mind/be vulnerably