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Fiji-13 ~ Real Dom [IA] ~ Salad [OH] ~ Gully Boys

oh an event . reaching across so u can feel it with me . shared expierence of occurence musical and encouraging . friendship and

punk party dream sequence beach scene

Real Dom (Fairfield, Iowa)
theoretical treadmills/deconstructed inkwells

Salad Salad (Athens, Oh)
wandering into the weird n windy wilds

Gully Boys
surfing the waves of new emotions remebered

~5-10 usd donations plz (support touring artists!)~

.why world does not tolerate harassment of any kind.
if anyone is making you feel uncomfortable report them to a house member

plz dont litter ur cig butts in the yard we have ash trays and trashbins on the porch/stay out of the neighbors yards/driveways and dont pee on their houses... ♥

*respect each other * respect urself * respect the space*