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Ø gather/bloom: astral samara tape release Ø

excellent ensembles giving off ephemeral artifacts of passion in place

astral samara
celebrating the release of a full length cassette/accompanying artbook of theoretical prose

Wealthy Relative
lyrical wit couched in secret methods of becoming

Devata Daun
neon vapors expand and envelope with entrancing aroma

Slow Pulp
where the edge of a dream meets the end of the party

Kelvin Wailey
beautiful and present memories of transcendent bodies in motion

Reb L Limerick
rhetorical power projected through glittering perspective

++gallery installs++ 
Martin Gonzales
watch it fading through to where we can sense it

Macey Noel Meyer
beautiful abjections arrayed and meaningful

*show up a lil early for food sharing*
why world aims to be a safer place
harrassment/predatory behavior of any kind is not tolerated
plz stay out of the neighbors yard/driveway
mind ur litter/cig butts/where u pee
respect the space ~ respect urself ~ respect eachother
♥ 5-10 usd suggested donation ♥