WZFR Screening at Silverwood Park
8:00 PM20:00

WZFR Screening at Silverwood Park

WZFR, or Waabizipinikaan-Ziibi Filmmaking Residency, is a rural, low-res program for filmmakers from across disciplines that encourages sharing, collaboration, and the use of local resources for the creation of short experimental films. In its fourth year, the residency encourages filmmakers to make works that respond directly to the region’s unique environment. We will expand our public screening by offering filmmakers a stipend for the production and showing of their films. Screenings take place on a custom built screen suspended over a body of water that draws attention to the site responsiveness of the films.

Join us at Silverwood Park to experience the work of 2017 residents:
Kate Casanova
Elizabeth Knafo
Julia Kouneski
Reb Limerick

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Northern Spark 2017 - TunnelVision
to Jun 11

Northern Spark 2017 - TunnelVision

How can we make climate change central to our collective vision of society? Participants enter a tunnel timeline where they sonically and visually experience rising temperatures and increased storm frequency. Once they reach the eye of the storm, they will make decisions to determine a more sustainable future together.


Grand Challengers is comprised of students and instructors from the University of Minnesota Making Sense of Climate Change class

Instructors: Christine Baeumler, Rebecca Montgomery
TA: Reb L Limerick
Sound Designer: Alex Adkinson
Students: Kristin Anton, Emily Bierbrauer, Joeri Buis, Paige Carlson, Michelle Danielson, Yovonne Dawes, Nicole Delpizzo, Jess Doro, Erin Erickson, Amanda Giordano, Maggie Hall, Madeline Harpell, Katie Hayes, Teri Holman, Mikaela Isaacson, Isaac Krieger, Alyssa Krueger, Olivia Latimer, Devon Lee, Angie Les, Ellie McNairy, Luke Myers, Kenneth Niemeyer, Olivia Novotny, Carly Odegard, Anna Orbovich, Alyssa Riley, Rachel Rubenfeld, Anna Sinclair, Josh Weidenbach

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Mn Artists Presents: Marcus Young
5:00 PM17:00

Mn Artists Presents: Marcus Young

This Thursday Reb L Limerick and Laura Torgeson will be holding a Twin XL mattress for 4 hours in solidarity with survivors of sexual assault as part of a re-staging of Emma Sulkowicz's Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight.) Please come out and lend a hand, engage in discourse, and hear from Sulkowicz directly via Skype. Full schedule of events including a phone conversation with Mierle Laderman Ukeles, vocal performance with Passed Presents, and Acupuncture + Mindfulness can be found below.

Mn Artists Presents: Marcus Young

Thursday, May 4, 5-9 pm

Walker Art Center, Free


Schedule of events:

• 5-8 pm: Meditation space facilitated by Dr. Joi Lewis and Myra Rucker - Main Lobby

• 5-9 pm: Re-staging of Emma Sulkowicz's Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight) by Reb L. Limerick and Laura Torgeson - Hennepin, Cargill, and Main Lobbies

• 5:30-6 pm: Mindfulness tour of galleries with meditation instructor and Walker tour guide - Departs from Main Lobby

• 5:30-6 pm: Phone conversation on gratitude with Mierle Laderman Ukeles - Cinema

• 6-6:30 pm: Skype conversation on resilience with Emma Sulkowicz - Cinema

• 6:15-7:30: Live acupuncture demonstration with Dr. Xinrong He - Cargill Lobby

• 6:45-7:15 pm: Mindfulness tour of galleries with meditation instructor and Walker tour guide - Departs from Main Lobby

• 8:15-8:45 pm: Vocal performance with Passed Presents (Jayanthi Kyle and Alicia Steele) - Main Lobby

• 8:45-9 pm: Closing reflections - Main Lobby

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Protest Publishing and Art Panel Discussion
5:00 PM17:00

Protest Publishing and Art Panel Discussion

“Protest Publishing and Art” is an exhibit reception and panel discussion with local artists, U of M faculty, and students. The exhibit features zines from the Culture Wars Zine Collection, student made zines, protest posters, and performance art. The exhibit is a collaboration between the University Libraries, the Department Communication Studies, the Department of Art, and local artists. 

Reb L Limerick alongside Cullen Propp and Afton Rose Brooks will be performing "Thank You For Breathing the Air" from 5p-5:30p

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 Sloslylove ~ Vundabar (bos) ~ Wealthy Relative ~ astral samara
to Apr 15

Sloslylove ~ Vundabar (bos) ~ Wealthy Relative ~ astral samara

the hour is electric, flowers send their scents to our receptors once again – let's ride some waves 2gether

dreamin of days when dancing in a basement was enough

nuthin rlly hurts when everythings a joke; babey babes surfin in from the east coast to grace us with their rockin n croonin

Wealthy Relative
masterclass in reclusive tactics and "i'm ok" raps

astral samara
house band getting down with a couple new tunes just for u. 

visual art by Andrew Swenson

~5-10 dollar donation//support them hard workin tourers plz~

*whyworld does not tolerate harrassment of any kind*
respect eachother, the space + yrself.

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Toy Theatre After Dark
to Apr 1

Toy Theatre After Dark

Open Eye Figure Theater is proud to announce the return of Toy Theatre After Dark, a two-weekend mini-festival of puppetry and object theatre of miniature proportions. Curator Susan Haas (Open Eye’s Executive Artistic Director) has selected artists from the local community and around the country to perform in the festival. Performances will include humanoids, exquisitely carved foam, animated toys, crankies, table top puppetry, and much more. Come be delighted, surprised, and baffled—if you dare!

Dirty Dishes:in the sink by Paige Carlson with Reb L Limerick (Minneapolis)

In this solo show, dirty dishes are more than meets the eye as puppets and objects are manipulated in a pseudo kitchen to reach a state of nonsensical domestic harmony.

March 30, 7:30pm - Opening Night Reception

March 31, 7:30pm - Post Show Q & A

April 1st, 7:30pm - Post Show Dance Party

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Love Comes Back: An Arthur Russell Tribute
6:00 PM18:00

Love Comes Back: An Arthur Russell Tribute

You're invited to join us on February 26th, 2017 at The White Page Gallery to celebrate Love Comes Back: An Arthur Russell tribute to benefit the Aliveness Project.

Hilary James (We Are The Willows)
Xoxotech 3.0
Katelyn Farstad (Itch Princess)
Jaak Jensen
Ross Koeberl (Aubades)
Miri Karraker
Astral Samara
Unonuno (cory)

Jared Maire will also be there to DJ tunes all night in-between sets!
There will also be SNACKS! :D

Who was Arthur Russell?:
Arthur Russell was an American cellist, composer, producer, singer, and queer-identifying musician whose work spanned a disparate range of styles. He was trained in contemporary experimental composition and Indian classical music and found success in downtown New York's avant-garde and disco scenes in the 1970s and 1980s, during which time he was associated with minimalism and the experimental music venue The Kitchen. A prolific recording artist, Russell produced a considerable collection of material over the course of his career, including a number of successful underground dance hits under various aliases, but his near-chronic inability to complete projects resulted in a limited amount of released output. He sadly passed away in 1992 due to complications from AIDS.

Arthur Russell has had a significant impact on numerous musicians and artists here in the Twin Cities and some of us have banded together to pay tribute to him and the body of work he left behind. This tribute has culminated into a night of art and music which we are hosting at the White Page Gallery. Following this event, we hope to release a compilation of music that consists of Arthur Russell covers performed by artists who are from and based in the Twin Cities. We hope you'll join us!

All the proceeds from the event and the compilation that is to be released will be donated to the Aliveness Project, A community center for people living with HIV/AIDS in the Twin Cities area. The mission of The Aliveness Project is to encourage self-empowerment and provide direct services for persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Flyer art by the immensely talented Makenzie Flom! Find more of her work here: http://makenzieflom.com/

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Night of Voices
8:00 PM20:00

Night of Voices

A Celebration of the Human Voice, Curated by Cullen Propp

The Auk's Roost is a house venue. Feel free to bring your friends, and drinks and snacks to share. 

Working towards creating a safe space for all identities. Let's all help in that effort with positivity, acceptance, and open mindedness~!

8:00 Reb L Limerick
8:20 VALSE
8:45 A Constant Cough
9:10 Nikol Dowles
9:30 Clarke
9:50 Ashley Mari
10:10 Hemma
10:35 cully
11:00 The Nunnery

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Why Girls/Why Femmes/Why Womxn at Why World
to Feb 21

Why Girls/Why Femmes/Why Womxn at Why World

From where does your femme power resonate? Your body? Your mind? Your labor? The earth? The sun? A radiant spectrum? What are your lunar longings; your yonic yens? How can we respectfully pay tribute to the femmes of the past who paved our way? What assumptions do we still need to smash? How do we tease apart the intertwined systems of oppression? How can we collectively render an understanding of something as potent as femininity and womxnhood?


Tu 2/14: soft opening gallery tour + vday card making
send a valentine to your lover or local representative @ 7p-9p

We 2/15: collaborative creation of a temporary reading room
- lead by artist Anna Van Voorhis- bring your fav femme texts @ 4p-7p

Th 2/16: “pansy” podcast listening & figure drawing @ 6p

Fr 2/17: screenings of 2 shorts by local filmmaker Shiraz Mukarram @ 7p-8p

Sat 2/18: Why Girls/Why Femmes/Why Womxn opening! 
art installations, performances, and festivities from 7p - Midnight
celebration begins w/ a house tour @ 7:15

~performance by~
Reb L Limerick  at 11:45
~almost out of breath, we all share air~

Sun 2/19: yoga @ 4:30, artist critique & discussion @ 6p

Mon 2/20: bring a friend to a gender discussion potluck @ 7p

Tu 2/21: closing night event

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